The abandoned castle of Umbriano


Castle on the slope of Monte S. Angelo on the opposite side of the fortress of Precetto and in front of the abbey of S. Pietro in Valle. Naturally fortified, the castle is made up of two rows of houses topped by the defensive tower.

Abandoned after the war, it has never been connected to the road and can still be reached today only on foot.


Umbriano was founded by the abbots of S. Pietro in Valle in 980, after the Saracen raids to defend the abbey.

In 1570 it passed to the Cybo-Malaspina Counts of Ferentillo as a whole together with other territories and castles. After passing to the Bendetti of Spoleto it was sold in 1847 to Luigi Desiderio di Montheleon and then bought by the municipality of Ferentillo in 1860.

Where is it

Walk the path that starts from the underlying town of Colleponte . Driving along the SP209, leave the state road at Macenano and take the road that goes down along the town. After a small iron bridge over the Nera river, turn right and leave the car in the parking lot along the river bank.

Every time I come back to Umbriano I find it more and more unsafe and dangerous.

It is better not to enter the houses also because it is difficult to understand if you are on the ground floor or on the second or third floor of old and fragile attics.

Current state

Despite various projects that have been talked about since the 1970s such as block sales or hotel complexes, the castle is in total abandonment. The houses are dangerous and not guarded, the vegetation is slowly taking the place of the houses and streets. Many paths are no longer legible as well as the structures and remains.

Along the main street of the town you can see the rooms used as a stable and for the collection of water and two tanks used for the pressing of wine.

The upper floor of the houses retains the signs of life, stone fireplaces and kitchens, some shelves and signs of the colors of the plaster.

The church and the tower

Even if the town is small it is easy to get lost in its alleys absorbed by vegetation.

At the top of the houses is the watchtower. Climbing the walls behind the tower is a great place to enjoy the scenery and lie down to rest.

following the main street until you reach the last ruins you find yourself with the side of the church of San Rocco on the right.

The church still has a beautiful portal with a small bell tower and the apse, facing the outside of the town, overlooking the path that offers another access road to Umbriano.

In this postcard that the Patumi Simone collection has allowed me to use, you can see the town still intact with the church in the center of the frame.

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