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Welcome to invalnerina.it , thanks for stopping by. I am a lover of this land and these images and words were created to give order and meaning to the many excursions, photos, findings and readings made. On 21 August 2016 my holiday in Norcia ended, a few days after the earthquake destroyed much of what I had seen and experienced in those days, so I thought of this site, in order to keep as much as possible the beautiful things we have.


To illustrate and discover all those places that are disappearing claimed by nature.


By talking about them, by going to see them, the places come back to life and are repopulated with people.


Stop these places in the hope of leaving a memory and cry out for recovery.

Before setting off

This site is NOT a guide , it does not provide real-time information. The conditions of the places and their accessibility and safety may vary for climatic reasons or other natural events.

Some places are subject to rock falls, or there may be difficult or unprotected passages.

Always stay on the trails, do not cut the hairpin bends, respect the environment and silence.

Always evaluate the risk before tackling anything. Always tell someone where you are headed. Please notify me of any updates you deem necessary.

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Come back with your experience and with the sensations that the valley has given you


Make these enchanted places known to those who will be able to appreciate them


Patumi Simone collection

For the use of historical images part of the collection.

Archdiocese of Spoleto - Norcia

For permission to photograph church interiors.


To all those who have answered my questions.

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