logo storia natura e cultura della Valnerina

Loreno, the last village to reach Monte Solenne

Once you have reached the town of Loreno, leave your car in the small parking lot near the church

Follow the road through the few houses to the dirt road. The halfway road follows the hill until it reaches a spring with an abandoned fountain.

Continuing the road you will come to a well-marked crossroads, go left towards the path of San. Francis

A few meters on the right you see an abandoned farmhouse, perhaps a watchtower given the slits on the still standing walls.

Go towards the farmhouse and pass it starting to climb the ridge of Mount Solenne. The path is not well marked but there are orange marks on the stones and it is quite easy to find the top of Mount Solenne in front of you to orient yourself with.

After the first rubble cross the fence with barbed wire and go into the woods.

At the end of the wood you arrive on the back of the mountain in a meadow where there is another sign indicating the via di francesco, continue straight towards the top.

Some sections require some very simple rock climbing, by choosing the road well you can avoid dangerous points.

From the top of Mount Solenne you can see:

Umbriano and the abbey of San Pietro in Valle.

Loreno, Nicciano and the whole road just made

Schioppo, Collefabbri and the helmet gorge.

The Valnerina with Ceselli and Scheggino

Civitella and Monte San Vito