GPS Castellonalto – Sant’Egidio

Total distance: 1600 m
Max elevation: 663 m
Min elevation: 543 m
Total climbing: 224 m

The path is not always obvious, the trail you see is just one of the possible options but in many parts it is possible to take alternative routes.

The beginning of the trail is beyond a cultivated field, which is accessed through a wooden gate.

At the bottom of the valley, in some seasons, it is necessary to cross the stream, which usually has a maximum depth of 20 cm. It is possible to cross it without getting wet by searching among the rocks, but it depends on the season.

There are some obligatory passages, such as crossing the rock cleft and another passage with ladders on the rock that has an old rope.

Similarly, the last part of the trail runs over rocks that are not steep but where the only signposts are red dots made with spray.

The fact that the hermitage is visible only at the end, a few meters from the finish, as it is hidden by the spur on which it rests, further complicates the route.

The trail, except for a few sections, is completely shaded.




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