I am a history buff and lover of trails and hiking to discover the remotest traces of man. I visited many parts of the world, but the Valnerina always attracted me, and as soon as job opportunities allowed, I settled in Terni. I started thinking of a way to organize my GPS explorations and countless photos taken in the most remote corners of the valley, and thus my website,, was born.

Why this blog exists

In 2017, while learning how to use WordPress, I decided to use this blog as an opportunity to experiment. I am not a tour guide and do not offer tours, but only a documentary filmmaker who shares his experience and knowledge.

I focus a lot on history, on which I have a good knowledge, but I get help with the naturalistic and geological parts. I love to travel by motorcycle, but like many people, I do it quietly and with respect for the environment.

This region offers many opportunities for exploration, and contact with nature and wind is truly a unique experience compared to driving a car. I like hiking, but I am not an expert who hikes 40 km a day; there are many relatively quiet hikes here.

Sometimes I take up rock climbing, loving the contact with the rock and the satisfaction once I reach the top, but I do it quietly and with little skill. I have been mountain biking in the past and am looking forward to taking it up again, but always respecting the trails and avoiding damage.

Having a small child, I often travel by car and always try to figure out if the place I am visiting is suitable for his small feet.

All of these modes of travel make my blog a guide for many different needs that might seem to be at odds, but there is room for everyone in Valnerina!

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